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Good Good Friday

Posted on April 3rd, by Laura Giuliani in Faith, Uncategorized. No Comments

The soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it in His head.

Today the kids and I came across loads and loads of tumble weeds. They were thrilled looking at them and quickly decided they wanted to build … Read the rest!

Lemon Ricotta Cookies

Posted on March 31st, by Laura Giuliani in Food, Uncategorized. No Comments

DSC_0551 2
I can’t get enough of these cookies!!! Apparently either can my family and friends.  I made 190 of these little pillowy goodies over the weekend and they are GoNE!!!  About 1/2 went at a BBQ on Sunday.  But I used … Read the rest!

Check Mate! Chess Party

Posted on March 27th, by Laura Giuliani in DIY, party, Party Stylings. No Comments

Check Mate!!!  Once my boys turned 6 they were allowed to join the chess club/team and man are they hooked!!! They’ve studied chess moves (yeah, I’m actually not even really sure how to do that!), they’ve played non-stop, and they … Read the rest!