Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation

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Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation

It’s that time of year again.  The time of year where we get caught in the holiday swirl.  Busily trying to get to everything done on our to-do list, busily wrapping up projects at work so we can spend much needed time with our families.  It’s also the time of year where we tend to stop {more} and think about how blessed we are.  About the gift of Jesus and what it means to love others.

Several years ago my best friends son, at the age of 4, was diagnosed with cancer.  It was sudden and it was aggressive.  There is an organization that helped my best friend and her family in ways I had not considered.  When a child has cancer it rocks his/her entire family to the core.  Parents often cannot work because of their child’s hospital stay and depending on the length of the child’s treatments, it can be financially and is always emotionally devastating.

The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation stepped in and helped my friend and her family and I will be forever grateful.  The Foundation saw to it that her son had coloring and activity books in the hospital.  That his parents had means to stay in a hotel close to him.  That his parents were able to afford gas to and from the hospital on days where they were with their other son.  That they were able to have groceries.  They had people at the hospital to lend an experienced ear. When her son returned from the hospital he was greeted by local fireman with gifts for not only him but his little brother.  The Teddy Bear Foundation provided much needed counseling for the entire family.

My friends’ son has now been cancer-free for 4 years and the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation has not let a holiday go by without reaching out to him.  It continues to emotionally support my friend and her family because it genuinely loves and cares.
For the 3rd year now my husband & I are adopting the families in Ventura County who have a child with cancer.  Together with the help of our friends we will be able to give every child with cancer and their siblings a Christmas present.  A gift card for their parents to purchase groceries for a holiday meal.  Every family will be delivered a Christmas Tree.  I hold a fundraiser at Drenched Fitness Studio but I thought I would reach out even further this year. If you would like to help, contact me or the Teddy Bear Foundation directly!

Have a blessed day everyone,
Mission Statement: The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization providing financial and emotional support to families of children with cancer living in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo counties.

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