Summer Head Scarfs Four Ways

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Summer Head Scarfs Four Ways

As we approach the mid-way of summer mark, I’ve been jonesing for ways to add a little style to my pretty lame outfits!  The headscarf is right up my alley!  They are easy to wear, there is a giant selection, and let’s face it – they look great on.

How super cute is the scarf around a top knot?!  Super simple to do.  Give your self a messy knot, secure it with a rubber band.  Then, first wrap a scarf around from the front giving it a cute bow or tie in the back!  {Purple & gold scarf – vintage}
The super easy “adult” headband look.  Start with the scarf under your hair, on your neck.  Pull both sides up to the top, give it a twist and tie it down under your hair! {Kelly green & white scarf – vintage}
Obsessed and no steps!  Buy this one as is!  {Hot pink and purple turban Marc by Marc Jacobs} {Necklace by Alexis Bittar, “3” Tank by Rag & Bone}
Finally, leave it to LuLu Lemon to come up with a sporty turban!  Yep, no steps, buy this baby as it and either um, work out in it or just wear it to look cute!  I think I’ll opt for the later!

Our style editor Bonny T. encouraged me to get this blog going again and I couldn’t say no!  Thanks B for the encouragement, the topic, and the super cute Carrie-Underwood-looking model (Bonny’s niece Kaleigh Zupon).

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