Stylings for Sillys…

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Stylings for Sillys…
A passion perhaps?  
How much more fun does it get than stylings a children’s play room?!


Woody the cowboy in Missoni rain boots not included!
I wanted these kids to feel like they were outside without the theme being too literal.  I hung blue lanterns in different shades and sizes from the ceilings, purchased green shag rugs and hung hand-made white ceramic bird pendants in a corner. 
A few keys to a successful children’s playroom:
1. What your buying doesn’t have to be for children.  
(Unless it is a reproduction of an amazing midcentury chair in tiny size.  In that case, buy it.)
2. I wouldn’t spend too much on items such as carpets, pillows or window treatments.  Because even if they aren’t covered in yogurt and marker you are going to want to change them sooner rather than later.  
3. Please, do buy art for your kids. 
4. Don’t decorate every nook and cranny. They are tiny peanuts, they are going to need room to grow (and to store all of the toys relatives give them).
5. Above all, make the room functional.  It is for YOUR KIDS!  You want it to look good but you want them to enjoy it! You want it to be a place for silliness and creativity!  

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