Semi Homemade Layer Cake

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Semi Homemade Layer Cake

This is my kind of layering!!!!  Olivia and I got together to bake this beautiful cake – just because! Now before you get overwhelmed by looking at it, know this: it’s boxed cake mix and honestly pretty darn easy to make!

This is what the charming Sandra Lee calls “Semi Homemade”.  We took plain ol’ Betty Crocker White Cake and added in the following:

1 box of Vanilla J-e-l-l-o Pudding
1 Egg
1 extra ounce of oil
That’s it!  So, let’s get started!
photo 4-1 photo 2-2
Now, we happened to have 5 of the same pans BUT realisticlly you only really need two of the same.  If you do have 5 (or 4), depending on how many layers you are putting on your cake, you wont have to wash them in between baking. By the way, how cute is Gia’s little hand in this picture?!photo 3-3
Let’s get to it!  We mixed up two boxes of cake mix (so that means you would add two of each of the “extra” ingredients above).  We seperated the batter out into 5 smaller bowls (because we wanted to make a 5 layer cake.  Then, Olivia in all her craftiness added a special mix of food coloring until we got the desired range of colors for our cakes.  Mix those puppies up, pour them into your pans, and pop them into the oven!

As your cakes are baking (and cooling) you can get on making a scratch buttercream frosting for in between the layers!  Olivia’s is a secret but you can find mine here.

Once your cakes have totally cooled, you get to the cool part!  Wilton’s makes this awesome cake leveler – or saw gadget – to level out your cakes.  It’s fairly inexpensive and super great to have if you’re a baker!  Take your cake saw, find a good height for your layers and saw away!
photo 2-2 copy photo 1-3 photo 1-3 copy
Once you have all your layers for your cake you want to make sure they are totally cooled (otherwise you will have 5 layers of a leaning cake)! You will start with one cake on the bottom, add a layer of butter cream and then alternate from there! That is seriously it.  That’s it.  It is such a simple cake and it makes a wonderful impact!  I couldn’t help but dress ours with some gorg Dahlia’s.  How will you dress yours?photo 3-3 copy photo 5 copy photo 5Olivia thank you for a fun afternoon and for giving us a really fantastic way to take our boxed cake mix to another level!  I love you and can’t wait to see what you have for us to make next!


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