Party Stylings: Haunted Mansion

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Party Stylings: Haunted Mansion

Ok, so I friggen love Halloween.  Always have. In fact, the flower girls in my wedding {nearly 8 years ago} wore black and white striped tights and my Dad commented “still doing the Halloween thing huh?”.  So, when the lovely owners of Drenched Fitness in Westlake Village approached me to do a Halloween party for them I jumped before they even got a chance to finish asking.  My goal: to transform the fitness studio into an authentic haunted mansion.  One that felt dark, damp and maybe even haunted.  One that did not feel Halloweenie or plastic in any way.  Together with the help of many garage-sale-hunting-assistants we surpassed all of my expectations!  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do (there are a lot of them)! Check out the burlesque dancers from the Talent Lab too!
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I divided the room into three sections.  Two dance floors with plenty of spooky seating and a dining table running down the middle of the studio.  Most of the finds were vintage finds from G3QDesigns, garage sales and some rentals from Belle of the Ball Designs.

{Check out how to make tattered, torn & worn cheese cloth!}


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{Check out how to make them bones breadsticks.}

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PARTY!: So… the party was dressed to perfection and so were the party goers!! Oh my goodness, the costumes were amazing and everyone had a blast.  Honestly, what a night!
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DESSERTS: Now, I didn’t want to overdo the dessert table because well, I knew that this party would be more um, beverage oriented.  But, it did end up being the centerpiece of the party and it did not disapoint!996055_613118372067229_801671360_n 1424406_613118265400573_2109621876_n

{Want to create Haunted Mansion flower arrangements?}

OUTDOOR LOUNGE: We couldn’t ignore the entry and wow, what an entry.  A bit disappointed that we didn’t capture photographs of the large dog statues and dead topiaries but here’s a peak of the outdoor theatre and grave yard.  Black and white vampire movies were playing as party-goers played a bit of tombstone corn-hole!


Pimp this ride (home)!

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Until next Halloween!

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