Simple Snacks

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We all do it.  It always happens. When we entertain we over excite ourselves and we over commit! Listen, I’m the queen.  And before the 3 Gs I could pretty much pull off anything.  Now, I can’t even pull off … Read the rest!

Fall Chia Breakfast

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I mean, I’m not sure which I like better, the taste of this breakfast or all of the amazing colors and the looks of it!!!  Yum!  I think Tayler is on to something with the whole, healthy, raw, good-for-you eating … Read the rest!

Pumpkin Spice Body Rub

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All natural and all easy!  Brown sugar, coconut oil and pumpkin pie seasoning body scrub! On this project, I teamed up with my niece, Tayler.  She is a super smarty pants, super healthy pants, and all around amazing woman.  (Crazy!  … Read the rest!

Ballerina Keychain

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One trip to Barnes and Noble and two DIY ideas later …. I bought the kids a couple of Halloween books and the one I bought for Gia, Zombelina, inspired me to create a ballerina-themed Halloween for my tiny … Read the rest!

Falling into Fall

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I know it doesn’t look much like it from these photos but it sure feels like it.  The seasons are changing.  Time is pressing on.  Days are getting shorter and these beautiful kids are getting older.  Every day.  I don’t … Read the rest!