Los Angeles Flower Market!

Posted on May 30th, by Laura Giuliani in Things We Love. 1 Comment

Los Angeles Flower Market!
Our year-end teacher appreciation lunch is tomorrow and I took on the privilege of making each teacher a flower arrangement that will double as centerpieces.  
The drive into downtown LA never sounds very good.  
Especially at 5 am….
Getting closer!!!!
And there she is!!!  Ugh, this place is my Disneyland for sure!  I could just spend hours roaming around….
45 Minutes later, the car is loaded with beautiful mercury glass vases and loads for flowers for the teachers (and that giant bunch of purple Lilac for me!).
And, I’m still so in love with the Mart that I completely spaced on taking pictures inside!  Next time…

One thought on “Los Angeles Flower Market!

  1. Oh my gosh I cant say enough good things about the flower market and its source of Flowers Los Angeles. You got some amazing shots. Every time I walk through there I always wonder to myself what people end up doing with there amazing finds. Thank you for sharing!

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