Kickin’ Mule

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Kickin’ Mule

Yeah, I get it, they’re everywhere!  But, for good reason!  The Moscow Mule is so fricken tasty and just what the doctor ordered – but with a twist! Not to be too Emeril or anything but I wanted to kick it up a notch! I’m calling these the Kickin’ Mule. These aren’t your standard Moscow Mule (recipe here) or even your Mexican Mule (recipe here) but these are a jalapeno-infused vodka – cilantro and salt garnished – Mule!!!

What you’ll need:
Copper mugs if you can find them (check Home Goods for a deal, or Sur La Table for a sure thing!)
Ginger Beer (note: this does not have alcohol in it!)
Vodka, I love me some Titos from Trader Joes!
Limes (about 1-2 per mule)
Jalapenos (sliced)
Cilantro for garnish
Lots of ice
Add 2 sliced jalapenos to a jar of vokda and put it in your frige overnight!  The next day (maybe after 5pm, maybe not) add ice to your copper mugs, pour in about a shot and 1/2 of your vodka, squeeze in the juice of 1-1.5 limes (I like mine with a lot of lime!), then top-off with ginger beer!  You can also add some of the vodka-soaked jalapenos if you’d like! They do add more kick the longer they’re kickin.
Dip a jalapeno slice into lime juice, then into sea salt.  Put that spicy number onto a pick with some cilantro and after a few mules your garnish becomes dinner!

Have a good night!  And soon I’ll get wordy about the changes going on around here!  Until then!


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