Foxy Babes

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Foxy Babes

{1. Handmade fox – Takiyaje , 2. foxy leggings – OurLittleLullaby, 3. Foxy Mary Janes ( for your teen) – EmandSprout, 4. Felted Fox Coat – LittleGoodAll.}

Oh man, I could have gone on and on for this post.  There were literally 50 things I wanted to include!  I have a baby problem and now I have a fox problem.  *Sigh*

I love every one of these items but please, please do look at the insane work of Nalogina Lubov a Russian designer who made the Takiyaje fox figure.  She makes the most beautiful dolls, characters, and insanely detailed accessories and does stylish and creative shoots with them.  Wow, I’m in love.  Before I had the boys, I was buying every handmade doll/toy I could get my hands on.  {That was before Etsy which is crazy ~ or at least before I knew about it!}  If I had come across these then, I would have maxed my card out for sure.

I hope you are loving the goods up on the new Hunters Alley site as much as I am!  It will be exciting to see where the site goes!  Just think, Vintage and Market Finds is not even two years old yet! If you want to check out our store page or become a seller yourself visit the site!

Have a fantastic day foxy ladies!


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