Fall Chia Breakfast

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Fall Chia Breakfast

I mean, I’m not sure which I like better, the taste of this breakfast or all of the amazing colors and the looks of it!!!  Yum!  I think Tayler is on to something with the whole, healthy, raw, good-for-you eating thing!!! (Besides I need to stock up on all of the above before I start my holiday baking!)

When Tay said she wanted to make Chia seed pudding I wasn’t that fired up.  I’ve tasted store bought versions made with coconut milk and I was a little grossed out!  But, this one was friggen bananas!  The chia was creamy like tapioca, the persimmons and figs were smooth and sweet and the pomegranate added and amazing crunch and burst of flavor! And what’s even better is that all the Gs actually liked it (even down to the edible flowers)!

Here’s What You Need: (this is for 2-3 servings!)
1 C. Almond Milk
1/8 C. Agave Nectar
1/4 Tsp. Vanilla Extract

Mix those together and combine then add:

1/3 C. Chia seeds (we used black)
Give a stir, cover well, and then put into the frige for 3-4 hours!
chia DSC_1631
Now for all of the colorful goodness!  Chop up any type of fruit you’d like!  We used persimmons, fig, and pomegranate.  And, pecans and edible flowers for garnish on the top!  I mean, seriously could this look any more beautiful?  And I even love the gray/black/white colors in the pudding itself.  Such an awesome contrast to the bold colors of the fruit.  It really makes me want to use dragon fruit next time!  Once we chopped everything up we went ahead and layered it into an awesome vintage silver Dorothy Thorpe glass from G3QDesigns.  Magical.

chia1 chia2 chia3 chia4 chia5 chia6 chia7 chia8 chia9 DSC_1600 DSC_1681I probably should have called this blog: projects with my nieces and parties for my family.  Seriously.  Blessed.  Tay, I had so much fun getting a bit healthier with you!  What my nieces don’t realize is that all of this time spent together may mean more to me today but it will mean much more to them later!  Love you girls!

Laura G.


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