Easy Gift: Crystal Topped Jars

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Easy Gift: Crystal Topped Jars

Here is the second idea in this season’s series of easy gifts.  {The first: DIY planted succulents!}  I have a few coming down the pike so I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!  It’s always fun to get inspired by the things you have around you in your home!
What you need: Crystal/rocks/any topper really, paint {I love Martha Stewart’s selection of craft paint!}, any petite jar – glass or acrylic {I purchased these in the bead section of Michael’s Crafts}, and of course your trusty adhesive {my personal favorite is Gorilla Epoxy}. That’s it!

(Special thanks to Maritza my hand model!)

How To: 1. Go ahead and spill that paint out into a petite bowl {I use these petite bowls from Anthropologie for everything!} & dip your jar into the paint 2. swirl the jar around a bit and pull it straight out of the bowl. 3. Gently tap the jar {while upside down so any excess paint will drip off}. 4. Now turn the jar over and gently tap it on your counter.  This last step is what gives the paint that dripping look!
Once your paint is dry go ahead and gently unscrew the cap.  {If you have any paint dusting where the lid screws use a soft brissled paint brush to remove the dust}.  Next using your Gorilla Epoxy glue the crystal to the lid and let dry.DSC_1717

(Earrings Marisa Joy Jewelry for BellaBloom)

The work: easy.  The result: stylish and special.  I love the way these turned out!  Make them as a unique way to wrap gifts over the holidays or even give them as gifts at a shower or party!  I know I will be using a few of these at my vanity to hold my earings!DSC_1724 DSC_1729 DSC_1731 DSC_1718
Good & Plenty.  Have an incredibly blessed weekend everyone.  I have the family coming over again to eat, drink and watch Notre Dame! Talk to you on Monday unless I find a few minutes!
Ohh, Monday is the Launch of Hunter’s Alley!!! I will keep you posted.


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