Double Sided Tassels

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Double Sided Tassels

I know, I know.  Super tassel obsessed.  But that’s because they look great on so many things!!!  Hand towels, long socks, wall hangings, you name it!  Anyhow, here is a simple how-to on double sided tassels.  (Want a tutorial on a good ‘ol single tassel here it is!)

photo 2-2
photo 1-3
What you need:
3 skeins of embroidery thread (I used two different blues here!) // scissors

How To:
Cut three 10″ pieces of thread from one skein (#1) of thread.  Set them aside.  Take the paper off another skein (#2) of your thread and bend in half.  Take one 10″ piece and tie it around the middle of the #2 skein.  Using that same 10″ piece, tie it around the middle of the last skein (#3).  Now, wrap your two 10″ pieces around skeins #2, #3.  Trim the bottoms of the tassels to make them the length you desire & so that they are blunt!

Note:  you may want your piece of thread longer or shorter than 10″.  The length will depend on where you are putting these puppies!

Here’s a little preview of what I’m doing tomorrow!  Double-sided – dip dyed – tassel thigh highs – (Yep, I’m still sip dying everything!) I cannot wait to wear them this Fall!  Have a good Memorial Day!

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