Cereal Box Pinata!

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Cereal Box Pinata!
With my 3Gs being so close in age, it’s almost like running a preschool over here~
You probably wont believe me but we make these “cereal” box pinatas almost once a week!!!
Hey, reduce, reuse, recycle right?
What cha’ll need:
1. Any empty box laying around your house
2. Tissue paper, newspaper or even cute leftover party napkins!
3. Wire or paperclips (and a nail – not shown)
4. Some tape 
How To:
{Depending on the age of your little ones, these steps might be better left to the big kid}
~ Place treats or even a single “surprise” inside the box (new stuffed toy or lego to give your little one? what a great way for them to get their surprise!)
~ Wrap her up like a present
~ Bend a piece of wire or paper clip into a circle (set aside)
~ Poke two holes in side of box (for larger kids, poke holes on opposing sides of box for more stability)
~ Loop your wire “hook” through the box
Next, Make your fringe!!
Buzz isn’t too great with the scissors so I cut up fringe in several colors so he & the other 2 Gs could have options when decorating!
Lay the boxes and fringe glue sticks and tape on a table &
turn craft night into a party night!
{we’ll share how to make these fun semi home-make snacks and more traditional pinatas later this week!}
It’s awesome to see their creative minds go to work!
No rules!  Just fun!
They turned out perfectly!!
Until tomorrow!


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