Ballerina Keychain

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Ballerina Keychain

One trip to Barnes and Noble and two DIY ideas later …. I bought the kids a couple of Halloween books and the one I bought for Gia, Zombelina, inspired me to create a ballerina-themed Halloween for my tiny dancer!  Pink glitter pumpkins, zombi and non-zombi ballerina keychains and coming later this week a zombi ballerina costume.  This book is darling!  It’s about a little zombi girl who loves to dance but as you can imagine doesn’t quite fit in with the other ballerinas.  The charming tale takes us through the horrors of making new friends and how the little zombi overcomes her stage fright.  Gia and I have a new favorite book and these projects inspired by it couldn’t be cuter!!!

Let’s start with the keychain!  Gia uses hers as a backpack charm and I think they will make great gifts to all the other “dance mom’s” for Christmas!

What you need:
A key ring
Tule (I used the one on a spool that is approx. 4″ wide)
A little doll face bead (I bought these in the doll section of Jo-Ann’s.  BUT, you can also use a plain white bead and draw on any face!)
A black Sharpie (If you want the zombi or other custom look!)
Scissors and/or wire cuttersballerina1
How To:
Take about 1 arms length of your spool of tule (this will give you a full skirt).  Go ahead and fold that in half a few times until the tule is about 4 inches long.  Take a bit of your jewelry wire (approx. 4 inch.).  Wire one end of it around the middle of your tule.  Fold tule in half around wire.  Now slip on your bead!  I pulled a little tule out through the top of my bead to give my ballerina a little tule “bun”.  Next, wrap your wire around your key ring.  You can cut the excess with wire cutters or plain scissors.  Finally, trim the bottom of your tutu! ballerina3
DSC_1455 DSC_1454Thank you to my niece, Tayler for taking the photos of my hands for the instructional part of this DIY.  And, she and I teamed up for a couple of awesome projects!  Tay has gotten super healthy this past year and I’m trying to follow her lead on clean(er) eating.  Check back in for her great recipe for a Fall inspired chia seed breakfast and an all-natural, awesome Pumpkin Spice Body Rub!

Laura G.

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